List of Projects

I worked on several projects over the years, which I am going to publish here:

NetPrime NetPrime Prime Calculation Software written in C# .NET
2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19 Primes Prime Numbers - Background Information.
   PHP 5.5
Webcrawler Security Analysis Webcrawler in Java, collecting security relevant information, storing to database and analysis. Analysis of Certificates, XSS header usage, SSL properties, Cookies, Software Versions, external scripts.
Sudoku Screenshot Sudoku Game and Solver. Developed in 2006 in C with WinAPI.
Pong Screenshot Ping Pong PingPong as a Java Applet (2007)
Tetris Screenshot Tetris Developed in 2008 in C++ with MFC.
Mandelbrot-Menge Screenshot Mandelbrot Set Viewer developed in 2008 in C# .NET. Compatible with mono.
Hexxagon Screenshot Hexxagon Game developed in 2008 in C# .NET. Compatible with mono.
Hexapod Hexapod Roboter with 6 feet and 18 servos. The roboter was developed for the Hexapod challenge in Hagenberg, Austria. The categories were "Dance" and "Run".
Guitar Chords Guitar Chords A PHP script to visualize guitar chords.
Speed Screenshot Speed A PHP script to visualize guitar chords.
Memory Screenshot Memory A small Javascript game (this page uses javascript!)
TikTakToe Screenshot TikTakToe TikTakToe was the first game which I have written in C. In 2014, I wrote a remake in Python.