Privacy Declaration

Privacy Declaration

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Temporary Data

This websites sets a cookie called "PHPSESSID" which is associated with a "session" on the server to enable the following features:

The session data is temporarily stored by the web server - your browser remembers one cookie and sends it for every visit to this website. I am not using your session cookie to track you! Except aboves use-cases, this website remains fully functional if you diable cookies in your browser. You are free to clear this session by clicking the "Clear Session" button. This will also remove the session from the server.

Permanent Data

The following information is stored for maximum 1 year when you visit this website:

This data is only accessible to me (Christoph Hillebold, Graz) and my hosting-provider ( The data is stored for maximum 1 year to analyze errors on the website, to identify unwanted web-crawlers and to reconstruct attacks against this website. This data is analyzed daily and the following internal reports are generated:

Your data is kept secret and will not be shared with anybody else. If you have further questions or want your data to be removed, please send an email to "privacy&" (no spaces, replace the & with an @).